• Will I be able to speak with my DJ, the one who will perform at my event?

        Yes, after the event has been booked you will be able to connect with your DJ to insure everything runs smoothly. 
      • Will the DJ meet with me for an interview before I hire him/her?

        Our DJ's are available to meet virtually (preferred) or at our offices in Miami Beach, FL.  
      • How do I know what to ask for?

        If you are unsure about your event, please feel free to call us! You can also fill out out easy booking form.
      • What kind of experience do your DJs have?

        Each member of our DJ team has over 5 years of expertise in canevent. They are able to work closely with event planners, caterers, photographers, and other service providers.
      • Will the DJ need food or take breaks during our event?

        If your event will last over 5 hours our DJ will need to eat. Events under 5the hours will not require any food for DJ. We have expensive equipment, so the DJ will not leave it for breaks except for a quick break in the restroom.
      • Do you have something cheaper for equipment?

        No, we provide each event with the most professional audio equipment and lighting systems to make your event quality focused, fun, and extraordinary.

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